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Having an electronic overhead door is very convenient, but when this electric system stops working, that will be a royal pain. There is no need to worry; Luxor Garage Openers is here in Houston, Texas, having specialists who can repair and replace all garage door openers types, models, and brands. Need a new one! We can provide you with a high-quality, dependable opening system to faithfully open the door for many years to come.

How to Get The Correct Opener To Last For Years!

With over 15 years of experience, Luxor Garage Openers Houston TX can repair and install all types of opening systems, including Estate Series (heavy duty), Premium Series (standard duty), and Contractor Series (light duty). Expertly, our technicians can recommend the best model for each client that can meet the size of their usage of the garage gate. Depending on how much traffic the garage receives, the size of the family that uses the gate, and how many times per day the overhead door opens and closes; we can decide if the standard opener is needed or if a heavy-duty system is required to meet this high-traffic needs.

Most people do not notice that their garage door goes up and down more than ten times a day. That means the overhead doors operate over 3,650 times per year! That is why these electric systems go worn out fast; we can provide our customers with systems that can withstand their high usage and last for a long time. Therefore, for a trusted garage door opener installation and replacement service in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas, come to us.

The Motor Running, But The Door Is Not Traveling Up or Down?

Spring Garage Door Repairs

It is the most common issue we receive from our clients all over Houston, TX. This problem will arise if there are stripped gears on certain components in the door opener. This issue will occur mostly in Craftsman, Chamberlain, and LiftMaster Chain Driven Openers. Another form of this stripped component can also happen in both Screw and Belt-Driven systems. These gears can get stripped because of the excessive pressure, with the overhead door being out of balance. Age and usage is also another driving factor.

water heater replacement

If this issue emerges, it needs to be addressed to get the opener back to functioning. Contact Luxor Garage Openers Houston TX for an immediate onsite inspection and prompt repairs with fast, professional solutions, returning the electronic system of the door to act functionally.

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Common Repairs & Reliable Installations

Is the overhead door reversing back open when trying to close it? The opener travel reversal can happen because of several reasons. It does not matter if having a Chamberlain Garage Opener, Genie Opener, or any other name. Travel reversal could be the result of a few different scenarios, like faulty wiring, misaligned, or defective safety sensors. If the safety sensors are not installed properly, that will also result in an automatic reversal of travel. The defective Logic Board or RPM sensor could be the cause.

All of these problems are repairable, and we at Luxor Garage Openers Houston TX have many years of experience troubleshooting these opener issues daily.